aperture of window


English-Chinese construction dictionary (英汉建筑大词典). 2013.

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  • Aperture card window — Окно в перфокарте [апертурной карте] для (кадра) микрофильма …   Краткий толковый словарь по полиграфии

  • Aperture — For other uses, see Aperture (disambiguation). f stops demonstrated on a lens …   Wikipedia

  • Aperture card — An aperture card is a type of punched card with a cut out window into which a chip of microfilm is mounted. Such a card is used for archiving or for making multiple inexpensive copies of a document for ease of distribution. The card is typically… …   Wikipedia

  • aperture panel — A large side panel of a vehicle making up the rear fender, door frame, and side window frame. Also see side aperture panel sunroof aperture panel …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • window — n. 1 a an opening in a wall, roof, or vehicle etc., usu. with glass in fixed, sliding, or hinged frames, to admit light or air etc. and allow the occupants to see out. b the glass filling this opening (have broken the window). 2 a space for… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Window Falls (Hanging Rock) — Infobox Waterfall caption=Window Falls, September 2005 name=Window Falls location=Hanging Rock State Park, Stokes County, North Carolina type=Plunge, Cascade height=Convert|27|ft|m|1|abbr=on drop= number drops=2 flow= heightrank=… …   Wikipedia

  • window — n opening, aperture, ventilator, Scot. win nock, Archit. fenestra, Archit. fenestella; casement, dormer, oriel, bay window, transom, fanlight, lattice, skylight; porthole, port, bull s eye; (all of fortification) embrasure, loophole, crenal …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

  • aperture — n opening, hole, eye, eyelet, eyehole, peephole, pinhole, puncture, perforation, interstice, pore, bore, airhole, spiracle; slit, crack, gash, vent, slot, rent, foramen; chink, cleft, cranny, rift, crevice, fissure, Archaic. scissure; gap, break …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

  • Inverse synthetic aperture radar — (ISAR) is a technique to generate a two dimensional high resolution image of a target.In situations where other radars display only a single unidentifiable bright moving pixel, the ISAR image is often adequate to discriminate between various… …   Wikipedia

  • Very Small Aperture Terminal — Montage VSAT, Le Parabole, l OMT, le LNB, le BUC Le sigle VSAT, pour Very Small Aperture Terminal (« terminal à très petite ouverture ») désigne une technique de communication par satellite bidirectionnelle qui utilise des antennes par …   Wikipédia en Français

  • come in at the window —    obsolete    to be illegitimate    The newcomer was figuratively introduced into the household by any aperture other than the front door. Following the window in popularity were the side door, the back door, the wicket, and the hatch. Also as… …   How not to say what you mean: A dictionary of euphemisms

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